About Us

Entered in the sector in 1987, Our company established a production facility in Tuzla with the desire to meet the customer demands better. Şahinoğlu Deri, having stepped into the production side with this facility, started its activities in the sector. In the following years, taking its place in Çorlu Organized Industrial area, it has been continuously making new investments to increase its production in better conditions and to provide better service. In 2016, our company changed its shell and focused only on the production of fur suede lambskin and took its place in the sector as the leading company that dominates the market with its production in compliance with the European standards by preparing new products and new collections every year.

The company's goal is; respecting the “deadlines” and “methods” agreed with the customer, while assuring excellence in the selection, production and processing of raw materials. ASPELLS Deri strives every day to develop a high quality and completely Turkish product using environmentally friendly production processes.

Our Mission

By using environmentally friendly production processes, we strive for a sustainable future that conserves natural resources. We are proud of being a Turkish product and we aim to contribute to the leather industry in our country. In our reliable relationships with our customers, we respect agreed deadlines and methods and always prioritize customer satisfaction. We maintain our place as a leading company in the sector by preparing new products and collections every year and producing at European standards.


We aim to be an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in the leather sector. We care to encourage innovative and creative approaches and to provide trainings that will increase technical and behavioral competencies. We always keep the importance we attach to human and environmental health at the highest level by managing our environment, occupational health and safety management systems in an integrated manner. We will continue to offer quality and original products to our customers by constantly reviewing and improving all these values.